23 July 2009

Allah Pumps and Stilettos

I've heard of Jesus Boots. I've heard of Cajun Steel Toes. I've seen Cockroach Killers. But I've never heard of Allah Pumps and Stilettos.

It seems a womens shoe store in RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) is in trouble for selling shoes with the name of Allah printed on them. (I assume that it was NOT on the sole of the shoe) The shoes have been seized and a "huge fine" imposed by the Emirates Department of Economic Development, according to Gulf News.

The head of the Department of Economic Development said, "Article No. 10 of the Violations and Fines List stipulates that the department will punish and impose fines on all those who sell or display to the public products which directly violate the decency code or Islamic regulations. "

In related news in GN, Sharjah is arresting young men for the wearing of what we in the US call, Bling. Yes, fashion accessories on men is not acceptable under Sharia Law. And that includes silk. So beware, if you visit Sharjah wearing silver or gold and silk boxers, you could be arrested.

01 July 2009

Head Count

KSA beheaded 6 people in the month of June. Four murderers and two child molesters. I now make the total to date to be 43 at the half way mark of the year.

Mohammud Kohail's case is still being kicked around by the Saudi courts. The Canadian government is also applying pressure to keep him away from the swordsman.