16 September 2009

World Cancelled

The World, Dubai's offshore development of 300 islands for private ownership has been placed on hold. And that isn't the only construction project in trouble. In total, about $300 Billion worth of construction is on hold.

With that amount of construction halted, it won't be long before expat labor is sent back home.

Submarine Capers

An interesting story is starting to build. The giant conglomerate, Dubai World, is suing Herve Jaubert, founder of Seahorse Submarines, in federal court in Miami for fraud and theft. They claim he misrepresented himself when they hired him to be CEO of Exomos, a company started to build luxury personal submarines for the rich owners of the islands in the Jebel Ali Palm and World developments.

Jaubert escaped from Dubai last year using skills he learned in the French Navy after the Dubai Police arrested and questioned him and confiscated his passport. He was tried in abstentia in Dubai Court, found guilty and sentenced to 5 years. He claims he is a victim of betrayal and corruption and has written a book about his situation and subsequent escape.

15 September 2009

Burj Dubai Plot

Israeli news service YNET has a story about an Iranian plot to blow up Burj Dubai. According to the story, Dubai Police have arrested 45 people associated with the plot.

Khaleej Times reports that the Dubai Police claim that the plot doesn't exist.

Who to believe?

02 September 2009

Head Count

The month of August saw four murderers beheaded in Saudi Arabia. Total number of executions in SA to date for 2009 is an even 50.

The Kohail brothers (Canadian citizens convicted of murder in the Kingdom) are still in limbo. There has been no news about them in almost a month.