30 April 2009

Pork Ban

Yes, banning the sale of pork in a Muslim country is the obvious response to the Swine Flu pandemic. Those labor camps with workers crowded in 12 to a room will not be a breeding ground for disease transmission. Nor should the crowds of people milling about beside the Creek on Sunday cause you any concern. Feel free to wander about the souks and breath deeply of the desert air. Have no fear, because we have banned pork.

29 April 2009

UAE Torture

ABC News has a story about torture in the UAE implicating Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, brother of Sheikh Mohammed. Its seems that Issa was displeased with a grain merchant and took him out to desert to have a business "discussion". He had it video taped. Said "discussion" is reported to have taken place in 2005.

Hillary Clinton has not commented but don't forget the close ties Bill has to the UAE and the concerns raised about her relationship with the UAE as Sec of State.

15 April 2009

Blood Money

Reports out of the Kingdom indicate that the family of the young man that died in the fracas involving the Kohail brothers want $5 Million as "blood money".

In many cases involving the death of one party, regardless of cause, blood money is offered as compensation to the victim's family. However, in this case, the family refuses to discuss a reasonable amount and insists on $5 million. Meanwhile, the Canadian government is applying pressure to the Saudis but probably will not pay the blood money. And the Kohails have no way of raising that amount.

07 April 2009

Oops is a Technical Term

According to news from Saudi Arabia, approximately 200 mosques in Mecca are not facing the correct direction. Worshipers concerned about the validity of their prayers have been assured that their prayers were valid. Many of the mosques are more than 50 years old and the mis-alignment was discovered due to better measurement technology (and someone looking down from a high rise apartment).

I wonder if any of them were built by the Bin Laden Construction Company?

It makes me remember the story about a major US construction company who had their plans for a Saudi offshore quarters building rejected because the toilets happened to be oriented tewards Mecca.

03 April 2009

Kohail Verdict Reinstated

The death penalty for Mohammed Kohail, a Canadian citizen, has been reinstated by the Saudi courts. A link to the story is here.

01 April 2009

Head Count

Saudi Arabia beheaded 6 during the month of March. Most were murderers, although one was convicted of "gang crimes", whatever those are.

All is quiet on the Kohail front. There has been no news about the young Canadian since mid-February.