16 January 2009

Saudi Divorce Rate Increases

The average monthly divorce rate in 2008 was 1,980 vs. 1,500 in 2007.

According to family medicine consultant Dr. Ahmed Abdul Moneim, the reasons are “absence of religious values, low incomes, intervention of relatives in the personal lives of the married couples and the adverse effect of satellite cable programming.”

Adverse effects of satellite cable programming?? WTF??

And maybe divorcing your wife under Sharia Law is just too darn easy.

15 January 2009

The Bubble is Leaking

Several pieces of bad economic news are hitting the Emirates.

First, Dubai’s budget has a deficit.

Then, Dubai is canceling work visas at the rate of 1500 per day.

Finally, the villa you bought there is worth 8% less than what you paid for it.

02 January 2009

Shakira Fails to Sell Out

Gulf News has the story.

Shakira failed to sell out a concert venue for 10,000 on New Years eve in Abu Dhabi. While she was performing, Dubai had cancelled all New Years festivities to show solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. I find it hard to imagine Shakira not selling out anywhere.

Head Count

Saudi Arabia finished off 2008 with 8 executions in the month of December; one rapist and seven murderers. Year end total for The Kingdom is 96.

We are still on hold concerning the fate of Mohammed Kohail. The Canadian government is hard at work on a pardon. In new developments, his father has been “requested” to appear at a Saudi court on January 4 to answer to the crime of “criticizing government agencies”. Evidently, the King is not happy with his use of the press.

There is still no word about younger brother Sultan’s second trial. He was convicted as a juvenile and sentenced to a year in jail and 200 lashes. The prosecution then requested to try him again as an adult. Mohammed and his younger brother were accused of murder after a school brawl resulted in the death of a fellow student 2 years ago. Evidently, one’s age at the commission of a crime makes no difference to your status.